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Order atrovent vs albuterol

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atrovent ls consists of a combiventrespimat inhaler and an aluminum cylinder combivent respimat cartridge containing a combination of atrovent ls bromide as the monohydrate and albuterol sulfate.

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i ve had asthma most of my life and have been on just about every one of the common medications ventolin albuterol via puffer nebulizer , atrovent, pulimcort, bricanyl, flovent it s nasal inhaled cousin flonase, also in bad times i ve taken oral corticosteroids or iv administered in hospital cortisone, prednisone, solumedrol and also the 2 new stars on the block symbcort now advair.

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atrovent hfa inhalation aerosol figure 1 consists of a metal canister containing the medicine and a mouthpiece that releases the medicine from the canister.

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atrovent is a bronchodilator; it works by relaxing and opening the airways to make it easier to breathe.
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