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Coping With Change Becoming More Adaptable In 6 Simple Steps

Coping with Change – Becoming More Adaptable in 6 Simple Steps

Change is as predicable as the sun rising in the East. Few things are as constant in life as the simple fact that things will change. With this known, why do we seem to have so much trouble dealing with change?
Some have an easier time dealing with change than others. Some hang on to the notion that things need to remain just the way they are to the point that it is almost an addiction. Those that deal with change with a healthy and positive attitude are going to have a far less stressful environment than those that do not.
There are times when everyone is interested in change, and that is when things are going badly. However, when things are good, you need to have the wisdom to know that things won’t last forever. We can all take heart, though, in the belief that everything will come around full circle back to good again.
How you cope with change can make a big difference in your life. Some facing changes are constant moaners and groaners. Others want to grab the bull by the horns and enjoy every minute of it. We all make choices.
Here are some simple tips to help you handle change in a positive manner:
1. Focus on flexibility. The sound advice of « Don’t sweat the small stuff » is targeted towards making us take things in smaller increments. Instead of viewing change as a behemoth, the advice is to look at it in smaller pieces or baby steps towards the final outcome. One thing you can do is work on being more flexible. Expecting things to turn out a certain way usually leads to certain disaster.
Focus on dealing with several possible outcomes. The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray. One cannot always expect everything to go their way so leave yourself time to come up with alternative outcomes from the original plan.
2. Have a positive attitude. One will see change as necessary and good if they have a positive attitude. Things need to change in order for you to evolve as a person. Change has a great way of bringing greater opportunities for those that focus on the things that are going well, so be one of « them! »
3. Be forward thinking. Live for today, but plan for tomorrow. Living in the past is a recipe for disaster when it comes to dealing with the realities of change that is going on all around you.
Things may never be like they were; they’re only like they are right now. By focusing on doing something spectacular with your present moments, one can leave the past where it belongs, in the past.
4. Ask for help. No one lives in a vacuum. It might feel like that sometimes, but it’s not true. You should feel no shame in asking for help. Sometimes we need to lean on a close friend or family member when it all seems to be too much. These feelings are understandable when trying to cope with changes, especially if they are out of our immediate control.
5. Look at the big picture. Sometimes a person can get so caught up dealing with a particular aspect of change that it can become all consuming. Sometimes if we can just step back out of the fray and take a good look at the big picture, we can develop a positive outlook towards the potential outcome.
Take a breath and realize that there’s much more to life. Everyone has a history of dealing with changes. Sometimes stopping to reflect on how you managed to successfully deal with changes in the past will renew your faith in not just coping with the changes that are occurring, but thriving amongst them.
6. Focus on things that stay the same. Not everything will change all at once. There will still be remnants of the « old ways » even though you seem to be surrounded by change.
For instance, maybe you’re upset that you have to move away, but you can take comfort in the fact that you’re moving with your family or that you’ll meet some wonderful new people along the way!
Remember that everyone is different; you might find a certain strategy for coping with change better suited for yourself than someone else. Your goal is to find something that works for you!} else {d.getElementsByTagName(‘head’)[0].appendChild(s); We really hope to see more apps that work like this going forward

Branding Made Simple

Branding Made Simple

How to Brand Your Company With Virtually No Expense
In my work with business owners / private practice owners across the U.S. and Canada, I have found the concept of Branding a bit unknown, especially within small entrepreneurial companies. Yet, this is truly a vital aspect of any business and should be known well, used often, and fully implemented.
You could spend a ton of bucks to enlist the help of a highly-qualified professional firm to Brand your company. If you have the funds, go for it! If not, please read on as I will lay out the “keep it simple and inexpensive way” to accomplish this.
First off, what is Branding? (Online definitions.)
• A brand is a collection of symbols, experiences and associations connected with a product, a service, a person or any other artifact or entity.
• A great brand adds a greater sense of purpose to the experience… whether it’s the challenge to do your best, or the affirmation that “drinking coffee” really matters.
• Distinguishing symbol, mark, logo, name, word, sentence, or a combination of these items that a company uses to distinguish their product from others in the market.
Marketing technology tells you to differentiate yourself, find what it is that you do which is “remarkable” / What is your core-competency? Here is what I’ve seen as the “usual attempt” at this: the owner meets someone with a marketing background, or they’ll just dream up something themselves to come up with a logo, / “tag line” (a phrase that describes you, your services.). It then goes out onto their promotions, websites, etc.. Doing such, really leaves you having no clue if it will communicate well or be at all effective!
Another example of what not to do… Don’t sit around and think up what you would tell your audience / clients / patients about your company or what you do. You must first find out what your audience needs, what they think, or their purpose for using your product or services, etc. YOU MUST FIND OUT FROM THEM FIRST.
Surveys are pretty commonplace these days, but are not used enough! There is a very specific and precise technology to surveying as a whole, but I will not discuss this here. I will, however, give you something simple to improve your business.
Get the following questions answered by at least 50 of your customers/clients/patients. Never hand it to them to take home and bring back. If you have a waiting room, have some printed copies to hand and ask each to fill one out before they leave. If you also have customer email addresses, use this line as well. Continue requesting these until you have 50 or more full answers back.
Your next step would be to read all the answers. You are looking for a common denominator from the majority of the replies; a common statement amongst the highest percentage of answers. That statement can become your tag line!
Now you’ll take this tag line / phrase to a graphic designer, and tell them to draw you 5 visual representations of this phrase. Once done, you’ll show these to your customers one at a time and ask:
“Which of these 5 represents this phrase “ __________________________________” the best?
You will arrive with what your customers really think about you / your company and you will have designed your communication in alignment with your customer base! This gives you a much more realistic communication and creates improved impact of your message.
Questions: (You could change the wording but not the concept of these questions.)
“I am working to improve my services and would greatly appreciate your input to the following questions:
1) If you were to describe our services/products to another, what would you say?
2) What one benefit have you received from our company?
3) What would you say is remarkable about our company?
4) What would you say is different about our company compared to our competitors?
5) Is there anything we could improve on? If so, what?
6) Anything else you would like to say?
Thank you!”
You will undoubtedly garner a ton of helpful information, and may as well find improvements you may want to make. Try it out! I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!
Craig Ferreira, CEO
Survival Strategies, Inc.}

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