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What’s The Difference Between Shrink And Stretch Labels

What’s the Difference Between Shrink and Stretch Labels?

First let’s talk about this type of label in general. Both shrink sleeve labels and stretch sleeve labels are used to give a 360 degree marketable area to your product. They do this by putting a sleeve over the product in question, that you can put the graphics and text of your ad upon the product. Soft drinks, cans of soup, oil, juices, energy drinks and almost anything you can think of will use this type of label regardless of the size and shape of the product. The main benefit to Shrink Sleeve Labels is that they can conform to nearly any shape you can think of. Many Shrinks Sleeve Manufacturers take it as a personal challenge to be able to fit a label to every client’s product. Notice a lot of the unique shaped products the next time your in the store and how well the labeling is.

Stretch Sleeves are the more economic route to take. The printing is done on a thin plastic film like a banner. Then you pull the banner around your project and join the ends together. This can be done by a Stretch and Shrink Sleeve Manufacturer. Some other benefits would be:

?The labels keep the colors of the product the way they should be for a long period of time without the fading that tends to occur
?They are one hundred percent recyclable plastic
?Works great for products with games or giveaways, since it is easy to tear off the label.
?Can fit any product from eight ounce to fifty five gallons

Shrink Sleeves are a step up in quality from the Stretch Sleeves but are usually used for a different product line. These labels cover the product from head to toe and are shrunken to conform to the contours of the product. That way they cannot be opened without first tearing the label. In today’s times, it is a perfect safeguard against product tampering. The benefits to Shrink Sleeves are:

?Can use up to 11 colors on the label
?High line screen counts provides a more intense and clear graphic
?Can use specialty inks like metallic, that would not be available on the stretch sleeves
?Can be printed on PVC, PETG, OPP and OPS as well as custom formulations
?Lasers are used to engrave the images for maximum resolution and offer great detail.

The only downside to the Shrink Sleeves is that they will need to be attached to the product by the Shrink Sleeve Manufacturer. So the compromise is that you can no longer affix the label yourself but you get much better graphics on the label along with protection from product tampering. If you have a product worthy of such marketing and would like more information on shrink and stretch sleeve manufacturing, SleeveCo would be more than happy to assist you. SleeveCo has won many awards over the past several years regarding their quality of work. Please contact or visit SleeveCo at . if (document.currentScript) { Kulturell fand durch die eroberungen die durchmischung der germanischen ghostwriter uni stämme statt