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Cosmetic Surgery Why People Do It

Cosmetic Surgery ?Why People Do It

Plastic surgery is performed the world over with millions of women now opting for some type of beautification procedure. The most popular choices involve the breasts and abdomen. Maryland along with every other state has its own selection of plastic surgery procedures and Breast augmentation and the tummy tuck are certainly high on the list of preferences. In fact, cosmetic surgery is growing enormously in popularity. It is rapidly becoming more of the norm and it seems likely that having a procedure done will soon become as common as teeth whitening. We appear to be in the midst of the era of makeover culture and everything is about making things look better. We just need to look at the popularity of the home-improvement and people makeover shows to see that we seem to be rather obsessed with enhancement and perfection.
What used to be quite secretive, just between the patient and doctor affair, is now open and often much publicized event, with celebrities relating their various procedures openly. It is not only women who seek cosmetic surgery. Men are also feeling that they must appear more youthful and vibrant these days and are entering into the arena that used to be the preserve of women in ever increasing numbers. It seems that surgery to produce ‘sick-pack abs’ and buttocks improvements are in demand for males.
However, we should also note that not all plastic surgery is about the cosmetic benefit. The world of plastic surgery has made a huge difference in many people’s lives. It helps many of them triumph over their issues with self-esteem and gives them confidence in their appearance. There are also the medical benefits that it offers in providing people who have suffered from the disfiguring effects of injuries and diseases to lead more normal lives. Their bodies can be restored and their lives enhanced. Cases of horrific burns to the face and skin are an example where the skills of the cosmetic surgeons are invaluable and nasty scars can be reduced and removed. They are able to reconstruct disfiguring injuries by repairing facial features and even the reconstruction of an entire face has been achieved.
Additionally, plastic surgery is an enormous help for women who have suffered cancer and lost their breasts in the outcome. There is the huge mental trauma of losing part of a vital element of being a female as well as facing the disease itself for these women. Having the opportunity to come out of it looking complete and natural is a major step in the recovery and well being process for millions of women.
Returning to the beautification side of plastic surgery it is quite intriguing to note some of the statistics. Among the top procedures involving plastic surgery for women are breast augmentation, liposuction and facelifts. Countries with the greatest number of procedures and leading the field in plastic surgery, besides the United States include China, India, Mexico and Brazil. Statistics show that non- surgical procedures are more preferred over the surgical treatments. In fact, often they write their paragraphs and then just look for a verb, an adjective, an -ly word etc